A constellation of superstars, working together to help you to
uncover, embrace, and promote your business’s unique story.


Mark J Mooney Jr


An entrepreneur at heart, Mark previously founded a marketing agency that grew to 40+ employees, generating over $1million in annual revenue. He also produced a feature length documentary about an underdog high school basketball team, and was a co-working space trailblazer in Arlington. Whether it's brainstorming a new company name, or looking at creative ways to move an organization forward, Mark enjoys the challenge, so it rarely feels like work. When out of the office, he can be found playing sports or supporting a cause close to his heart.


Rebecca Dunn


Having provided exceptional customer service and operational expertise around the country in the hotel industry, Rebecca was ready to broaden her horizons. She has embraced the transition into the creative realm which brings a whole new level of excitement to businesses and individuals looking to put their best foot forward.


Helen Saks

Creative Director

Helen’s journey began at BBC Television Centre, London back in another millennia — through escapades in genres ranging from entertainment, documentary, news and daytime television. In 2005, she crossed a small pond to Toulouse, France, the HQ of Airbus, where she was responsible for the internal magazine and managed various entrepreneurial projects. In 2016, Helen crossed a bigger pond to Washington, D.C. where CoCreate Studios has become her creative home.


Matt Christiansen

Multimedia Manager

Matt worked as a Park Ranger for Denali National Park assisting in education and media content creation. As he traveled the country as a ranger he transitioned to freelance work for outdoor publications like Outside, Backpacker, and Blue Ridge Outdoors magazines. Now city-based, Matt enjoys the story-telling aspect of production and bringing people to awareness and action with visual imagery.


Lucia Cortes

Business Development Director

Lucia has built her career on the pillars of branding strategy, corporate communication, sales and multicultural marketing. She has worked with companies executing multi-million dollar budget marketing and sales projects for the telecommunication industry. She has also found great gratification leading grass-root community outreach programs.