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American Alliance of Museums

This is a full video of AAM’s story in 2019.

"Everyone loves the overall look and feel. The black and white is very classy. Thank you for making the American Alliance of Museums look so good!"

- Elizabeth Merritt




We worked with ASIS to create a social media campaign around 'sharing your story.' This is one of many clips produced for them to use as marketing content globally.

“Having an arsenal of content to push out through our social media has enhanced engagement with our audience and made our workflow so much easier!”

- Gen Vos




NOVA Mastermind Real Producers is an event for realtors that happens every year and we were honored to capture the speakers and workshops throughout the day.

“ We had to most fantastic day at the event and we were amazed to get to replay it whenever we’d like with the work CoCreate produced.”

- Kristin Brindley



Bridges To Independence

This heartwarming video demonstrates how Bridges to Independence changes lives through helping to connect families with affordable housing and related services.

"The video is gorgeous! More incredible then we could ever imagine! You have us all in tears here. The video the CoCreate Studios team put together beautifully encapsulates how we work - and the importance of the services we provide. Thank you from everyone here at Bridges to Independence." 

-Jeanette Norton



My Painter 

This video's helpful, high-value information about choosing the right paint finish for each room in your home, helps to position My Painter as Arlington's go-to expert and demonstrates the company's customer-first approach.

"The stellar CoCreate Studios team helped us create an engaging informational video that showcases our expertise in a low-key way. The video answers one of our customers' most common questions. Although I was a little nervous about being featured in the video, the team really put me at ease. I love the room animation they created - the final product is just awesome."

-Harrison Edwards