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Connect with clients

Bridges To Independence

This heartwarming video demonstrates how Bridges to Independence changes lives through helping to connect families with affordable housing and related services.

"The video is gorgeous! More incredible then we could ever imagine! You have us all in tears here. The video the CoCreate Studios team put together beautifully encapsulates how we work - and the importance of the services we provide. Thank you from everyone here at Bridges to Independence." 

-Jeanette Norton

Major Marketing

Major Marketing offers solutions for companies looking to boost profits using promotional products. This video encourages clients to purchase holiday gifts in a timely manner.

"I love it! This video is funny and engaging to watch. The humor helps to get the message across. When it comes to video, CoCreate Studios is the only team I trust."

-Michelle Major


My Painter 

This video's helpful, high-value information about choosing the right paint finish for each room in your home, helps to position My Painter as Arlington's go-to expert and demonstrates the company's customer-first approach.

"The stellar CoCreate Studios team helped us create an engaging informational video that showcases our expertise in a low-key way. The video answers one of our customers' most common questions. Although I was a little nervous about being featured in the video, the team really put me at ease. I love the room animation they created - the final product is just awesome."

-Harrison Edwards


Major Marketing 

Major Marketing offers exclusive promotional products to the corporate market. We created this commercial to highlight how efficiency in the office is at the click of a button with the Bamboo Folio.

"CoCreate Studios will stretch the limits of your imagination until they get the ad just right. Believe it or not... a little bit of sparkle goes a long way!"

-Michelle Major


My Painter

My Painter was looking to promote their business activity by showcasing a house undergoing paintwork in the Arlington area. This commercial is also broadcasting on local television. 

" I love it and I'm confident it will make customers get in touch. It's already bringing in new business."

-Harrison Edwards


Wilson’s Power Washing

Wilson’s Power Washing & Sealing is a premier pressure cleaning company who serves all of the Washington & Baltimore metropolitan area. We wanted to develop a commercial of him demonstrating his companies abilities doing a large scale job, proving no task is too big. 

"All I can say is ...... breathtaking."

-Dave Wilson


Keller-Williams Realty

Brandon was looking to connect with his client base, some of whom are based overseas. By stepping out from behind his business card, he has been able to build true relationships with his clients. 

"The whole thing is way better than I expected. Thank you to the whole team for all the work you've put into it!"

-Brandon Wright

Get noticed

img src="data_tribe_video.jpg" alt="hacking_video_data_tribe_nsa_people_sitting_in_meeting_room_hacking_software"

Data tribe

CoCreate Studios’ work was recently featured in the Washington Post. We worked with Data Tribe, whose team of former NSA technologists demonstrated on camera how security camera feeds can be hacked in less than a minute.

“The CoCreate Studios team did an amazing job on our video. It was featured in The Washington Post, Fortune Magazine and on Fox News.”

-Mike Janke